Meet the Reaches

OutReach Family

We are the Reaches: Mike, Cassi, and our four wonderful kids. We are a Bible-believing, Jesus following family doing our best to follow His lead.

When we first felt the call to missions, I remember thinking, ‘What a great last name (Reach) for someone to have to reach the lost.’ It’s like God knows what he’s doing, or something! The irony, of course, is that we’re both sort of short… God sure has a sense of humor.

As a family, we strive to use all the gifts we’ve been given to bring glory to God and lead others to him. Our main ministries include family discipleship and equipping people for growth as they seek to find what their unique gifts are and how to better edify the church with them. To us, this is the heart of our ministry. God has placed within us not simply a desire to preach a good message or feed people (both of which are great); however, He has encouraged us to cultivate lives through lasting relationships and foundational teaching.

My wife, Cassi, is a certified elementary-turned-home-school teacher who loves to worship and be around children. She is also a wonderful pencil sketch artist who doodles incessantly. I am a creative writer and have recently stepped into teaching high school English at a local inner-city school, where I minister to youth on a daily basis. Previously, we served as youth ministers, assistant children’s pastors, and more recently, missionaries to Bangladesh. For the past twelve years we have taught, coached, mentored, and discipled children and young adults. Whether we are at home or abroad, we have resolved to be disciple-makers.

Meet the Kids…


Judah- Our 4 year old miracle!
Ethan – Our responsible 11 year old











Lizzy– Our tough 8 year old princess
Adam– Our encouraging 6 year old