As we continue to travel and share the amazing things God has done and plans to do in Romania, we need your help! We are asking for support in three very important areas:

  1. Prayer. There is no way we can touch a single soul with the gospel of Jesus Christ without the power of prayer. We are so thankful to be surrounded by such a great group of prayer warriors.
  2. Travel and Immediate Expenses. Traveling from state to state, and then around the world accrues expenses. We need to raise $14,000 cash for the transition there… passports, visas, deposits, tickets, medical visits, etc… The missionaries we will be working with will accommodate us for a short time when we arrive in a guest house, but we will be expected to gather our feet beneath us quickly. Please pray in agreement with us as we seek to raise the money we need to meet all of these needs.
  3. Monthly Support. Our estimated monthly expenses (from phones and internet, to food and school supplies). should be approximately $2,000. Please consider partnering with us monthly to meet this modest goal.

Ethan and Lizzy have also shown interest in raising their own ministry funds.

Since we will be serving at a small missions school, our sweet kiddos have shown an interest in raising support for school supplies (creative arts, sports equipment, merit shop awards, etc…). Would you consider sponsoring the curriculum for one student?


Simply click the donate button on the right to give online.

To send a check, please address all donations to the following address:

OutReach 360 Inc. 

4535 Fairhope Dr.

Indianapolis, In 46237