Where it Counts

Setting the Record Straight

I saw a countdown to Christmas the other day on someone’s Facebook post and it made me think. Everyone loves a good countdown. We love the countdown hype. How many days until your favorite movie’s sequel comes out? A favorite holiday? When I was teaching, there was this countdown at the beginning of summer until we had to return, and then another for when the student’s returned. Life is simply full of them…but what is it about them we love so much? In all honesty, I have a few theories and opinions; however, the truth is I really don’t know.

For my family, we have traveled now for what feels like months. We’ve driven from Indiana to Mississippi and back a few times, over to Illinois, and down to Mississippi, again. So far, we’ve been to 8 states in three months raising awareness for the work we hope to do in Romania in the coming months. And we’re still not through, yet.

Everywhere we go, people ask, “So, when are you planning to go?”

Originally, our answer was mid-September, but now as the first week of September comes to a close, and we take a sober look to our penciled-in numbers, we are skittish to respond with honesty. I mean, imagine us having a conversation with you, then you ask the question, and we respond, “Next week…”

Wow! Suddenly, panic mode would kick-in, wouldn’t it? What if Christmas, Halloween, Easter, a loved one’s birthday, or your wedding anniversary were next week? Yikes! You might freak a little, huh? What to buy? Where to find a costume? Coordinating family pictures? Mailing out postcards or invitations…

With this perspective in mind, there are many who have mentioned helping us go to the people of Romania. Our countdown began three months ago when we saw the needs of the small, growing school in Cimpina. Our vision was cast, our prayers focused, our steps ordered, and -now that our house is officially sold- we are ‘crunching numbers’. As our countdown nears its close, would you consider committing a number and begin giving faithfully whatever amount the Lord sets on your heart? No amount is too small to help us reach our one-time donation and monthly support goals. Simply put, we need to have a more accurate record to see where we are financially.

Currently, our cash budget is near 70% complete and our modest monthly budget is near 50%; however, these are pledged amounts, not actual. If you are unsure how to arrange monthly giving, or if our online forms are a mess, please feel free to contact us so we can help with the process.



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