August 2018



Our non-profit is up and running. This week, we’re back in Indiana to get some paperwork done. We had our first meeting recently and voted on the logo we will use. Here it is… It’s official. Our donation page is also up and running!!!

Our Goal

We are travelling and talking to churches and individuals about supporting our ministry. We are currently almost at 50% of our monthly budget. Please pray about what the Lord would have you do to help the lost in Romania. If you’d like to meet with us and talk about our vision or would like us to speak to your small group or church, please let us know. (Mike- 317 478-0903)

Romanian Stories


We went to the local library in Mississippi to hear a Romanian story read. We met a sweet woman named Meri, who shared with us her story of living in Romania during the communist regime. She told of how she and her family sought asylum in the US after a long wait back in the 80’s. “The U.S.,” she said, “is the greatest country in the world…”


Romanian Activities

The kids got to make crafts (keychains, flowers, and paper boats). They also played the game “London Bridge” in Romanian. They’ve been learning lots of kids nursery-rhyme songs to help them with the language. We need the practice!



Some Health Issues

Ethan and Judah both ended up having to get some emergency treatment in Mississippi. Judah had trouble breathing and had to go to the ER and have breathing treatments. He’s never dealt with anything like that…poor guy, but he’s 100% back to his normal self.

Ethan’s Accident

In the midst of all the fun the kids were having at their Grandma’s house, Ethan broke a lantern and the glass fell onto his foot. He needed three stitches and could not walk on it for a week. Thank the Lord! It could have been much worse.


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