The Road so Far…

The Past Two Weeks

Cassi has posted countless pictures on Facebook and worked tirelessly to coordinate pickup times and deliveries over the past two weeks. We’re almost there. Bunk beds, shelves, dishes, toys, and even chalkboards have new homes. The thought of our treasures treasured by someone else keeps us looking forward toward Romania with a new expectation: What awaits us there?

Two weeks ago, I was able to share our vision for discipleship in Romania with City View Christian Center and to encourage them to do the same where God has planted them (share your treasure). I believe the message will not change as our remaining weeks in the U.S. dwindle and our approach to to Romania nears. We are each called to serve faithfully where we are planted. How we manage our faith and work in conjunction with one another is pivotal to the lives of those around us.

The Exact Ministry

So, what will you be doing? I think I’ve heard this question fifty times and the answer never gets any easier to convey. We know three things for certain. First, we will be serving in Campina, Romania with a wonderful missionary family who has recently established a school and are in dire need of volunteer teachers to help it grow. Additionally, we will continue to build relationships within the community, as we have always done, ministering to the needs of young adults and families. Meeting these needs allows us to engage in evangelism and grass-roots discipleship. In order to do both of these ministries, we are asking for extensive prayer and flexibility to creatively engage the community. For teens, we often start with sport’s camps for the boys and our novels for the young ladies. With young adults and families, we host Family Dinner Nights -a time of games and fellowship which, over time, evolves into counseling, prayer, bible studies, and more.

Lastly, I plan to return to the writing desk for a season. I have a handful of unfinished works to polish and many more to present to literary agents and publishers for consideration. Together, as we attempt to learn the language, live, teach, share in family life, and write to reach others, we know we can do nothing without your support to help us.

The Needs

Currently, we are in the process of establishing a more efficient online giving option. In the meantime, we are speaking with small groups of friends and family, coordinating dinners and cook-outs to share with others, and speaking at church venues. Our needs begin with a minivan or rental for summer speaking. Since our Dodge Journey was totaled by a ‘critter’, we have been in search of a temporary vehicle to use for travel. In the past, we were blessed by individual donors who supported us with this endeavor during the summer months. Please pray with us as we finish selling our household goods and search for opportunities to travel and share.

How much exactly are you guys trying to raise? This is another important question we’ve been asked. Since we are establishing ourselves in Romania during this first term of three years, we are not asking for extensive ministry funds, only enough support to live; therefore, we have factored our Monthly cost of living to be around $2,000. In order to travel and speak this summer, purchase the materials we need in order to transition from the U.S. to Romania (i.e. passports, visas, equipment and furnishings when we arrive, additional airport baggage, transportation, deposits for housing, language learning, etc…) we have calculated our Cash Budget to be around $14,000.

In summary,

The $14,000 is the funding to help us get there and established.

The $2,000 is the monthly support (faith promises from churches and individuals) to help us live once we arrive.

Thank you for partnering with us to help the people of Campina, Romania hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for being obedient in whatever way the Lord directs you. As you pray for your children, pray for the children in Romania, and pray for ours. As you pray for health, pray for ours. Our prayers are that everywhere we go lives are changed.

Until the Whole World Hears,

The Reaches

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