From Blessing to Blessing

A Week of Remembering

God has a way of reminding us who we are and where He has brought us from throughout the years. Even in the Scriptures, He reminded the people of the faithfulness of His name when He said, “I am the God of Jacob…” or “…the God who brought you from bondage…” and many other such references. He does that. He reminds us. If there is one single important thing for us to do as Christians, day in and day out, (in my opinion) it is to remember who we are because of God, and to remember who He is. I believe it is in these times of reflection we truly realign ourselves with His vision for our lives. Uniquely, we are all called from our sinful lives to be transformed into His likeness. But for what purpose? Simply put, to proclaim those two things to the world: Who we are because of Him (our testimony) and who He is (the gospel).

We get two bags each. Now, we’re packing and weighing…

This week, Cassi and I jostled our home upside down, and with the help of our four amazing kiddos, filled bag after bag with toys, clothes, and trinkets. As we watched the garage slowly fill up, and we connected with others via Facebook and messages to coordinate who had needs, we were blessed to reconnect with the very friend who blessed us with nearly all of our household goods when we returned from Bangladesh. This time, she was the one in need. My children were able to watch as their toys, clothes, and home-school supplies were loaded into an SUV to be taken to Haiti and given to orphans in need. Isn’t our God amazing?!

A Trip to Southern Illinois

Traveling with this beautiful woman…

Cassi and I were blessed earlier last week to travel to southern Illinois. Twelve years ago, in a small church in Marion, Illinois, our lives changed forever. After we met, and a series of wonderful events led to our marriage, our hearts were guided as one toward world missions. Even while we were friends, I supported her as she traveled to Kenya to lead a children’s ministry. A short while later, we began our ministry as a family, traveling church to church forming interdenominational friendships -sharing life.

Now, nearly thirteen years later, our children were so thrilled to hear the stories of the places we went, the cafe bible studies we conducted, and the path God led us on all these years. Through tough times and great times, God never failed to provide for us as we stepped out believing in Him. Whether we were serving as youth ministers or moving all the way to Arizona to serve as college ministers, God guided every step of the way. We were blessed to be welcomed by Life Source Church in West Frankfort, Illinois, where we hope to share with the congregation about our call to Romania in the future.

Home Sweet Home

This week, we have packed, packed, and repacked. We hope to finish soon so we can begin deep cleaning and staging our home to place it on the market to sell. As I am writing today, we are planning to visit our home church in Indianapolis, Elevation, and officially begin our friend-raising endeavors to share the vision God has given us for Romania. In a way, the feeling is surreal. As missionaries in Bangladesh, we experienced firsthand the joys and struggles of serving in a foreign land: the culture shock and language barriers… Yet, in the midst of everything God gave us friends who became family.

Now, as we prepare to leave and rehearse the process all over again (selling everything), we are reminded of the joys of serving Him. My friends, there is nothing sweeter, no thought or feeling greater, than knowing we serve a God who makes the impossible possible. Tonight, my babies were fed. Tonight, they have a safe home to sleep in with clothes to wear in the morning, and food to eat then, too. On our shelves, we have at least one bible for each of us in our own language. Tomorrow (and every day), we have the opportunity to stand in the gap for someone we’ve never met to be their voice to encourage the church to pray and offer them the same opportunity.


Thank you so much for your continued support in encouragement and prayers, as well as financially. We are blessed to work both here in the states and abroad to show the world the love of God.

Until the Whole World Hears,

Mike and Cassi

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