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Since our last update, the Lord has confirmed more and more His will for us to go to Romania. In response, we have talked with the missionaries we know in the country, praying for the Lord’s leading. We are excited to announce we are beginning our support raising and would love to partner with individuals and churches as we prepare to serve the orphans and street children of Campina. We hope you will partner with us in the coming months as we travel to speak and share God’s vision for the people of Romania.

Thank you so much for your steadfast prayers. In two months, we hope to find 200 people willing to commit to only $10 a month. We have already received faith pledges from friends and family. Soon, we hope to travel and share with churches from Indiana to Illinois and as far south as Mississippi. Please contact us to receive information on our plan for evangelism and discipleship. Praise God!



Writing has taken a backseat to teaching for the majority of this school year; however, in March our focus shifted. For the first time in nearly two years, I attended the Indiana Writer’s Workshop downtown. The all day conference exposed me to some great writing tips and techniques and I was blessed to meet two literary agents who represent Christian authors. In case you didn’t know, literary agents are the “in” for writers seeking publication in today’s market. After a short pitch of my novels (I have six still awaiting publication) both agents requested to read the manuscripts…all of them!

Please be in prayer with us as we continue to find a home for these novels. As always, they share the love of God and the light of His truth in a dark world. Statistics show more than 20% of teens and young adults are likely to come to Jesus through media outreaches such as these.

Meanwhile, at the inner-city high school where I teach, I cannot keep my published books on the shelves. It seems like every week another student asks where she can get a copy to read because she’s heard so much about them. A teacher’s assistant shared with me in passing that she has read all three of them and passed them on to her daughter, who read them, and is now passing them on to friends. Just yesterday, I had four conversations with students throughout the day about God, Jesus, and church-related issues. Praise God for opportunities to share His truth!



After our return from Bangladesh, I was informed I still had educational benefits through the VA. After praying and seeking counsel from friends, we discovered I could attend Taylor University and Indiana Wesleyan University Seminary at the same time. As a result, I was able to get my transition to teaching certificate from Taylor and my Master’s degree in Ministry from IWU, and both while teaching. Thanks to the support of Cassi and the rest of the family, I’ve finally finished! What a blessing.

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