"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" Matt 28:19

Reach Family Update

Family of 6

Since returning from Bangladesh, the road has been bumpy but blessed. We returned with just a few weeks until Judah was born. Everything went well with the delivery, but what we didn’t know was that Cassi was malnourished from our diet in Bangladesh, combined with having her nutrients taken by the baby. This caused Judah to be malnourished as well. He ended up in NICU having numerous seizures. Though the neurologist’s reports said brain damage, he made a full recovery, and is a thriving three-year-old!

Teaching Transition

There have been some significant changes in our lives lately. The Lord opened up a teaching position at an inner-city high school, and I was lead to the mission field of a public school. This year, I started my third year of teaching. Beginning last year, we felt the Lord pulling us in the direction of homeschooling, so Cassi resigned her position,¬†after teaching for eleven years, and is teaching at home now. She loves it! I have been finishing up my Master’s degree in ministry and in teaching. Needless to say, it has been a busy transition.


In the past eleven years, I have written ten novels, published two, and have seven more waiting to find publication. We’ve had opportunities to attend book-signings in multiple states, as well as subtly place my novels on bookshelves around the school. I watch students carry them down the hall and say a silent prayer for the intentional evangelism woven within it. A member of our youth group at church held a book club using my evangelistic fiction novel,¬†Overcome. As a result, two of the girls in her book club started visiting church with her. Praise God!
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Eight years ago, Cassi and I felt the call to Romania. As the Lord confirmed his plan, we set out for a two-week mission trip, working alongside a visionary worker already established there. After two weeks of falling in love with the country, working with women and abandoned children, it seemed like the doors were not opening for us yet. Two years later, the Lord opened doors for us to serve in Bangladesh for three years, but our love for Romania never left us. Confirmation after confirmation, the Lord has shown us that we will once again be working in Romania, and hopefully soon. Please be in prayer for us as we prepare to go and make disciples.